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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2






C O D E Ks


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (c) Varner Bros. interactive

Date: 11/2017 Sponsorship: Steam

Records: Genre 1: Action

It’s about TIME! Connect your favorite superheroes and superblood

Starting with different events and realities

Kan is a conqueror of a new era in the original version

Adventure, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2! Playas a mentor

Galáki, Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel

Doctor Strange, Green Goblin Tears Super Miracle

Heroes and criminals at this time of space battle

City of Chronopolis!

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General notes:

Block eke games to prevent the firewall

trying to find themselves on the Internet

If you install games with the system disk, it will be necessary

Running the game with administrative privileges

CODEKSOn search works

Competition- nothing!


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The glory of their 26th anniversary, announced by FairLight # 1123

Game LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (c) Warner Bros.
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: In view of: FAIRLIGHT :: Publication date: 26/10/2013

Acoustic: FAIRLIGHT Type of game: Action, Adventure

Package: FAIRLIGHT Image format: ISO


APPROVALS: 1 DVD protection: pair

System requirements:(S) -1-phenylpropan-2-amine

Information about the game


LEGO MarvelSuper Heroes Original previewed the story

Marvel Universe. Players Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk,

Captain America, Wolverine and many other amazing characters

Loki and Marvel are criminals who will create another master

Super weapons capable ofdestroy the world. Players will follow them

Space bricks LEGO travel through Manhattan and visit key places

Marvel Universe, Stark Tover, Asteroid M, Hydra Foundation

and X-Mansion

characteristics of


Smash, download and fly with the first video game LEGO

Top 100 Superstar and Superhuman Heroes

MarvelUniverse, Iron Man, Volverine, Hulk,

Spiderman, Captain America, Black Species, Loki and Deadpool

Help keep your favorite character with Marvel

super-cold strength and ability

An iron man flies, hovers, shoots rockets and releases

Strong Unibeam straight from the chest

– Spider-Manek recorded a website,using his own use of the feelings of a dospirer

Objects invisible to others, under construction and creeping

of course, webcams

-Capitan America throws hidden objects and enemies,

Stand in the wall to create and protect the platform

from the damage itself

– Smash Hulk

Create new andpowerful characters BIG-fig, such as Hulk

and abomination. Allow yourself to destroy the path of destruction

They cover the walls of LEGO and cars, using a super strong force

Open the LEGO in Manhattan and become the icon

Such places as Marvel Universe, X-Mansion,

Asteroid M and Asgard

Creating Super Special Characterswith custom characters

Enjoy an original, exciting story, full of classic LEGO

arcade adventures and humor

installation information


Smoking or folding


Game for the game

NOTE. As usual, block the eka game on your firewall




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