Katakeet FW 15 Collection


Ever since Kian was born, he was always a little fussy every time I tried to do a professional shoot for him.  Pictures at home – no problem.  Pictures in a studio – big problem!  Finally, when he turned 2 years old, I tried again and, surprisingly, he was more than happy the entire day, playing with the other kids and smiling the whole time, striking poses and generally having a blast.

I have a suspicion that it was because the shoot was for Katakeet which is one of my favourite kids stores, as they always have funky collections and great brand names.  Kian was one of kids to be featured in the Katakeet Fall/Winter 15 collection look book.

The collection is beautiful, very cosy and modern. Featuring many renowned luxury designers and contemporary brands, Kian was wearing Kenzo, Paul Smith and Little Marc Jacobs brands.


Katakeet_Paul Smith Junior1

Photography by Capital D Studio

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