Blanc de Perle 2016 – Guerlain

Beauty differs according to cultures, but there is one thing that remains constant. A fair complexion. It has been connected to blue-blooded beauty, clarity, protection and youth. Whiteness may always mean soft flawless skin, nowadays it means more. Today’s believers of an immaculate complexion have new aspirations apart from whiteness, they want more, more radiant glowing skin, they expect more, more vitality and vibrancy. To meet these expectations, Guerlain is revolutionizing a new P.E.A.R.L Rosy White Complex technology found in the fundamental formula for the two upcoming products in the Blanc de Perle line: Rosy Whitening Essence and Active Reviving Cleansing Foam. 2016 is the year Guerlain makes its mark in the history of whitening. In reaction to the wishes of Asian women in search of picture-perfect skin, Guerlain crafted a product that wont only whiten, but will give a rosy transparency radiating with youth and vigour.
120132-GUERLAIN-BLANC_de_PERLE_GAMME_SOIN_10Highly concentrated in P.E.A.R.L Rosy White Complex, the line’s star Essence acts both on complexion evenness and skin radiance.  Day after day, it releases its power to the heart of the skin: the skin’s radiance improves, dark spots are brightened by 21%, and the complexion appears clearer *.
After 1 month
The complexion’s radiance has already improved, and its quality has increased threefold **.

After 2 months

A reduction in pigmentation flaws is observed by 97% of women. And the

Rosy Whitening Essence, 30 ml

* colorimetric test, 30 women, twice-daily application for one month.

** Self-assessment, 31 women.

BLPW16-92_bis BLANC_DE_PERLE_Mousse_DET_Q copy

Featuring delicate exfoliating micro-beads, the pearlescent foam removes make-up, cleanses and purifies the skin’s surface with an extremely gentle action.  The skin’s surface is mechanically stimulated, the microcirculation reactivated, and cells renewed.

With repeated application

the skin is rid of its dull veil, it seems to breathe better, and its white, translucent appearance is revived.

Over 90% of women are satisfied *.

Active Reviving Cleansing Foam, 150 ml

* Self-assessment, 32 women, after 28 days’ twice-daily use.

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